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How do I surrender a deactivated din?
Can a person have two DIN numbers?
Does DIN number expire?
Can I surrender my din?

DIN Surrender

DIN is tied to PAN or Passport number of the applicant and each person is allowed to obtain one DIN as per rules and regulations. Hence, prior to applying for a DIN, its important for the applicant to verify if he/she has been allotted a DIN by verifying the DIN database. Know how to search for DIN.

During the DIN registration process as well, procedure has been put in place by the Government to prevent duplicate DIN generation by verifying against the PAN database. However, in rare cases, a duplicate DIN may be generated inadvertently. For such cases, the Government has recently introduced Form DIR-5 for surrender of DIN.


Reasons to DIN Surrender

Low Cost

Winding up of a company is much less costly compared to maintaining compliance for a dormant company

Fast to Close

Closing a company can be processed online. It takes only 5-6 days for closing a company

Avoid Fines

A company that doesn't file its compliance on time incurs fines and penalty including debarment of the Directors from starting another Company. Hence, it is better to officially wind up a company that is inactive and avoid potential fines or liabilities in the future

Easy to close

In India closing a company is way easier than maintaining a company with no activities.


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