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How do I renew my FSSAI License?
I have manufacturing units in multiple states. Will I be required to get a common license for the company or an individual license for each unit?
I imports food items for sale in India. Do I need a license from FSSAI?
Will license be required for a catering establishment that comes under the Central Government?
How to get a license for restaurant?

FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration is a shortening utilized for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI license is obligatory before beginning any sustenance business. Every one of manufacturers, traders, restaurants who are engaged with sustenance business must get a 14-digit enlistment or a license number which must be printed on food packages.

This progression is taken by government's food licensing & registration system framework to guarantee that sustenance items experience certain quality checks, accordingly diminishing the cases of contaminated, substandard items and enhance responsibility of producers by issuing nourishment benefit permit. FSSAI Online Registration is done through Sujata Associates (FSSAI license consultants). FSSAI online registration is done through Sujata Associates for basic and central level. For express, the Fssai enlistment is done through offline mode.


Types of FSSAI License

FSSAI Basic registration

This is required for small business or start-ups which have annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs. Basic registration can be upgraded to state license as your sales graph increases.

FSSAI State license

This license is applicable to mid-sized companies which have annual turnover between Rs.12-20 crores.

FSSAI Central license

This license is applicable typically on large business with annual turnover above Rs.20 crores. It is also required in cases where you need to supply at the government offices or import / export food products.


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