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Frequently Asked Qustion

What is the Contribution for Provident Fund both by the Employer & Employee?
Is it Compulsory for the all the employees to contribute to the Provident Fund?
Is it beneficial for employees who draw salary above Rs 15001/- to become member of Provident Fund?
When is an employee eligible to enjoy pension scheme ?
What is the accounting year for Provident fund account?

PF Registration

Registration is mandatory for companies/organisations which employ more than 20 individuals, including contractual and permanent employees. Smaller organisations which do not have the minimum strength can voluntarily register themselves. Companies which grow to a strength of 20 members are expected to register themselves within one month from the time of attaining this strength, with penalties applicable for delays in registration. Co-operative societies are expected to register if their employee strength increases to 50 or more and registered organisations continue to be under the purview of the rules and regulations of the Act even if their employee strength falls below the minimum specified number.

PF register procedure for Employers

  • Name and address of company
  • Mention date of incorporation/registration of company.
  • Head office and branch details.
  • Head office and branch details.
  • Legal details – This pertains to legal status of a company, i.e. whether it is a private firm/public company, partnership or society, etc.
  • Details of bank with whom company has banking relationsh.
  • PAN details • Activity the business/enterprise is involved in – i.e. manufacturing, production, service, etc.
  • Details of bank with whom company has banking relationship
  • Particulars related to wage component of employees, i.e. total wage disbursed during a month



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