A seamless corporate structure will allow your business to work proficiently and meet your required business goals. Register your company for running it smoothly..
• A seamless business structure will let your business work smoothly and meet your required business targets. Register your Nidhi company right away.
• Your company can operate effectively and achieve your necessary business goals with the right corporate structure. Register your partnership company now.

Company Registration Services

Private limited company registration is one of the services we offer for company registration. You can create a business in India with some restricted liability or debt due to a private limited company, which also offers you legal protection.
In order to receive yearly reports and paperwork, a Private Limited Company must submit an annual ROC file.
The success of LLP Registration in India has made it a well-known alternative company structure. In India, creating and managing a limited liability partnership is simple.
The LLP Annual Compliance is essential in order to maintain an excellent track record and submit a specific statutory file each financial year.
According to the Companies Act of 2013, a Public Limited Company Registration is required for significant capital requirements.
Section 406 of the Companies Act of 2013 and the 2014 Nidhi Rules and Amendment Rules govern a Nidhi corporation. Its fundamental activities include lending and getting cash from its individuals.

Nidhi Company is the easiest and most affordable way to start a business in India. Nidhi Company can only do business by accepting deposits and lending money to its members only.
We provide each kind of NGO enrollment. There is Trust, Section 8, and society NGO enrollment. We offer all of the NGO organization registration.
The registration for GST is required for any business or organization that relies on the purchase and sale of goods.
We offer services like trademark registration, which is a valuable asset and safeguards a company's brand.
Legal consulting includes a range of advices, services, the creation of documents or agreements, etc. Giving a reliable opinion on any matter or situation requires for legal advice.
We do offer property registration. The entire property process is made genuine and legal by property registration.

In order to manage domain name registration and hold domain names for a specific period of time, typically one or two years, organisations employ domain registration services.
We have been creating innovative software tools to help businesses beat their competitors while boosting profitability and efficiency.
The trust is registered with the intention of carrying out charitable activities for the good of the public.
The Business Act of 2013's Section 8 Company Registration supports the establishment of NGOs.
Every invoice, payment, and receipt is included in a GST return, together with the tax paid on purchases and tax collected on sales.
An organization's capacity to provide high-quality products and services is verified and guaranteed by ISO certifications.

All accounting data is handled and monitored by bookkeeping accounts, which support a business's ability to make important operational, financial, and investment decisions.
Employees of businesses with more than 10 staff members can register with ESI and EPF to gain access to medical care.
We also provide digital marketing, which is very helpful for business growth and helps a firm move to the digital age.
We assured you that our company would offer you some top-notch app development services for start-ups and growing companies.
We provide the best registration services to satisfy the needs of our clients at a reasonable cost, whether it's a 1 director or 1 nominee firm.
Compared to other types of businesses, partnership registration is straightforward and doesn't call for any kind of compliance.

The major objective is to give them the best tax-filing experience possible. The business is managed by people with knowledge and experience to provide you with the greatest services.
By registering a patent, a firm can obtain intellectual property rights to an innovation created by a person or a business.
Since it contains information that is essential for making business decisions, the project report must be carefully constructed.
A property and a personal loan are essential when a property is mortgaged. We look for responses to your finance issues in order to build and implement your strategy.
Making a logo is an important branding decision with significant potential value for your business.
The goal of Sujata Associates is to provide the most advanced, effective MLM software. Professionals complete the process using the most recent and advanced MLM features.

Who we are

We started off with the simple idea that doing business in India should be simple. Wherever you are in India, whether you are in Kolkata or anywhere else we can assist you in starting a business and fulfil all the legalities. We are creating the largest global platform for business services. This offers a wide range of services, such as incorporation and tax filing etc.

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Who we are
Get your Digital Signature Certificate.
Within a few days of registering, you will get your Director Identification Number.
You can request to have your name reserved legally. The name should be unique rather than common
We handle all the follow-up duties and legal needs after formation.
We will help you get your employees' PF and ESI numbers from the business.
We use highly modern technology to ensure the best and simplest ISO certification process to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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We have a large pool of qualified, skilled, and experienced company secretaries, lawyers, cost accountants, chartered engineers, chartered accountants, former bankers, and financial experts available to offer a wide range of services to various small, medium, and micro-sized businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a company registered ?

You can learn about the Private Company registration using our expert services. This entire process usually takes 10-15 days to be completed. You only need to fill out a 10-minute questionnaire.

What is Trade Mark ?

A trademark is a form of intellectual property, having a recognizable design, word, name, sign, logo, etc. They are seen as the expression through which products or services of a particular source are recognized and differentiated from those of others. They are named as service marks.

Can I register the company at my home address ?

Yes, you can register your Company at your residential address. It is perfectly legal to start the company at your home or in your garage. You just have to provide your home address proof such as rent agreement or electricity bill.

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  • Sujata Associates has a team of experts that can register a company and they are well aware of what is needed for a startup. I'm pleased with the team's always excellent service and prompt answers. The finest location for company registration online.
    Director of, AACB Installation Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sujata Associates services is phenomenal. They give us willpower and empower us to start our new firm. They are the best company consultant available in this market. The executives are very kind too, they gave us perfect information to form our company.
    Jinia Gupta
    Director of, Ethicalead Solution Pvt. Ltd.